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Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus

Director: Colby Coren

Producer: Annette Hobbs

by Jamie Gorski

Two compelling stories come together in this heartwarming play inspired by the famous editorial Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve, 1897, in New York City, eight-year-old Virginia is left pondering whether or not Santa really exists after a series of unhappy events. Meanwhile, a young newspaper editor also struggles against tough holiday times as he is faced with losing his job if he can't find his writer's voice by morning. Even though they don't know each other, the spirit of Christmas is about to bring these people together, creating in the process an unforgettable and cherished part of classic Christmas folklore.

Delval Divas
by Barbara Pease Weber
September 16 - October 2

(3 weeks)

Director: Jonathan Forester

Producer: Terry Moore

Jail cells with chandeliers and fluffy pillows and a warden who serves cocktails and catered meals? That's life behind bars in the Delaware Valley Correctional Facility for a handful of criminals.  Delval Divas is about women who have been imprisoned for while collar crimes, "pink" collar, as they like to call it.


American Legion Hall 
55 East Jordan Street
Brevard, NC

We're conveniently located in the Historic American Legion Hall in downtown Brevard, NC. Night time restaurants for a quick dessert and coffee or a glass of wine (or two!) are within walking distance.

Yes Virgina, There is a Santa Claus


Dec 1 - 4   7:30 PM  |  Matinees 3 PM  | Tickets $16



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